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S. Eustache Innovation Park
A green hi-tech village

The city of Montreal is looking for "integrated innovation": "The old days when everyone could work in silos are gone. Today, social, economic, cultural and urban components should meet and evolve together" as the minister of Innovation of Montreal stated.

As per our project, we believe that it has to be a showcase for an eco friendly living environment in the countryside, combining technologies and architecture for sustainability where the main sectors to attract are related to software IT and Research & Development (like apps for health monitoring, apps for health diets, apps and software for smart house and smart city...)

This strategy aims to differentiate us from the main concept expressed from the Quartier de Innovation of Montreal, that mainly focus on the vitality and artistic/cultural expression of the urban fabric, so needed for the development of a suitable environment for young talents in arts and software industry where Montreal is already one of the best place for entrepreneurial ventures of the type, in the world.

Targeting, preferably, a countryside land, mainly used for agricultural use, for our development, our strategy will focus on the countryside expression where the green and healthy living (promoting organic food as well) can give a good alternative for those preferring the countryside environment instead of the urban fabric to promote and develop their business idea and technologies.

Location: Montreal – Canada

Description: design of a green hi-tech village on a surface of 225 HA

Master plan design scale: 1:2.000

Status: completed (2018)

Client: LCSP

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