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Coco Paradise Da Nang
A new concept of living green in Quang Nam

The master plan design concept takes shape from the natural landscape of Vietnam: rivers, fields, mountains.

Coco River is the main natural element of the design, connecting the urban and resort development to Da Nang City and Hoi An trough river green transportation.

The new urban and resort town is designed around the central marina and the river, offering means for landscape, nature, water sports and several activities. The new town locate also a museum of naval transportation of Vietnam - designed to connect with a green roof the central marina and the beach side -  and a private airport and seaplane.

New residences, hotels, a commercial town center, traditional villages, eco-farm and bio tech studios offers several residential and commercial components to the project.

In particular, we have studied an original design concept: the “eco resort with five stars”. The five stars or principles are the most important chapters in designing a green development and especially focused on a green resort farm:

  •         Eco-bio agriculture,

  •         Eco-bio architecture

  •         Sustainable transportation

  •         Renewable energies

  •         Eco water treatments.

Location: Quang Nam – Vietnam

Description: design of an ecological resort town on a total land area of 871 HA

Master plan design scale: 1:2.000

Status: completed (2015)

Client: Empire Group

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