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Empire World
Treasure city of Asia

We envision a new green city where casino’ and gaming attractions are combined with hotels, resorts, residential components and many other facilities  to create an unique green environment for the people to play, entertain, enjoy, relax, live in a green and lush tropical setting.


The Empire World project is located in the city of Bavet, Cambodia, near the border of Vietnam. The site, of a total area of 800 Ha, is located on the major infrastructure road that connects to HCMC in Vietnam and Phnon Penh in Cambodia.


As Angkor Wat complex was a medieval metropolis, the largest empire in 12th century, Empire World is an entertainment city, a new tropical Las Vegas of South East Asia that ha the theme park and the reconstruction of Angkor Thom its main symbol, at the center of the development.


The master plan is designed locating several functions and zones, such as casino’ and entertainment area, hotels, residences and villas, a theme park, golf course and clubhouses, a flying club facilities and a racing circuit.


The buildings are designed to be integrated into the forest landscape recreating the feeling of a lost castle in the jungle. A natural water system connects the main areas offering means for landscaping and water based activities, being one of the key component of the design.


Location: Bavet, Cambodia

Description: design of a new city on a total land area of 800 HA

Master plan design scale: 1:2000, phase 1 (50 HA) 1:500

Status: on going (from 2017)


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