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Marathona Eco Town
The new business and tourism gateway to Europe

Marathonas eco town is a new urban development at 40 Km from the international airport of Athens, on a total land area of 1,700 HA.

The main goal is to create a new international city hub around the strategic core of the innovation park and exhibition area, as a commercial and business gateways between Asia and Europe.


The master plan integrate the new  residential and commercial area into the existing infrastructure and settlements, preserving and enhancing the beauty of the naturalistic and historical areas of Marathonas.


From the International Airport HUB to the International Eco Town HUB:

In the globalization and new information technology era, there is an increasing demand of “new cities” from the emerging new economies of Far East Asia Region that still doesn’t’ have a physical place to take place yet in Europe.

It is not a new demand; for millenniums the men created villages, towns and cities.

This time the demand of living, enjoying, studying, working, relaxing, creating new business and ideas is just “de-localized” or GLOBALIZED. People, families and business men from different region of Far East Asia (such as Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar) asking for a great place to spend their vacation and at the same time and in the same place, having the facilities to create new ideas and new business in Europe.

Marathona eco town can become the first international city hub: a place with history, natural landscapes, facilities to give to its residents and visitors a point of connection between East and West, a gateway to Europe and Far East Asia.

Location: Marathona, Athens – Greece

Description: design of a new town on a total land area of 1,700 HA

Master plan design scale: 1:2000

Status: on going (from 2016)

Client: HRADF

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