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The Village
An integrated green urban resort at Da Nang

Da Nang, Vietnam: top 6 beach in the world, an international tourist destination with the highest development rate of Vietnam cities.

The site consists on two separate plots, on a total land area of 12 Ha, is located along the main beach road of the city, besides the most famous and prestigious world class hotels and resort.


The main key of the master plan design is to connect the two plots creating a unique green and tropical experience, bringing the beauty of the beach and the ocean within the urban resorts.


The Village is a new style of urban resort with an exclusive private access to one of the most exclusive beach in the world.

To bring the resort and natural feeling for the residences, villas and apartment, the master plan stretches the concept of landscape design.

In this master plan concept, the landscape design is the key of the development, to create a fresh natural and green environment where the people can swim, relax, eat, play, shop and enjoy the place.

Large pools, ponds, fountains, water features, thick vegetation and forest area, gentle hills and grass fields, flowers and more, are supporting the life of the resort, that can find its main commercial square in the central location.

The commercial square offers to the residences all services and facilities such as cafeteria, bars and restaurants, markets, and many more and its open to the public for creating an excite life opportunities both in the day and in the night.


Location: Da Nang, Vietnam

Description: design of a urban resort, 12 HA

Master plan design scale: 1:500

Status: on going (2017)

Client: LCSP

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